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Starting April 20th through the 30th we will have another giveaway! Two great authors, two books! Both are Western Historical novels and promise to be excellent reads! You must register @ to enter!
The first is STRONGHEART by Don Bendell. This copy will be signed by the author. Below is a brief synopsis of the story:

A son of both the Sioux and white worlds, Joshua Strongheart has two prized possessions-his father’s Bowie knife and his stepfather’s Colt .45 Peacemaker. And when his stage is robbed by a cold-blooded gang, Strongheart vows to show that revenge-just like that knife-cuts deep.
The second is THE GOLD RUSH by Frank Lewis. A brief synopsis is below:

In 1849, the greatest gold rush in history began as thousands of would-be miners, gamblers, murderers and prostitutes made their way to California to seek their fortunes. In less than two years, more than 100,000 people arrived from all over the world to get in on the action. When the first gold nugget was found in the “Mother Lode,” no one understood the importance of the discovery. Soon however, hundreds of ships littered San Francisco’s harbor, abandoned by crew members rushing to the goldfields. 
The first gold was actually discovered in 1847 when California was still part of Mexico. The United States had declared war against Mexico in 1846. In 1848, Mexico ceded California and other western lands to the United States before news of the gold strike was known. The land belonged to the U.S. Government, but was not free for the taking, so all the mining done was extralegal. Once word got out that there was gold for the taking, short of sending the Army in to kill them, there was no way to stop the miners. 
Miners seized land and set about governing themselves in mining districts that weren’t authorized by federal law. San Francisco and Sacramento became lawless, criminal-dominated cities where no man was safe. 
In The Gold Rush, 1847-1849, the seventh book in a series, Caleb Landers and his ladies fight to protect their property from a ruthless New York syndicate that will stop at nothing, even murder, to take over their operations. 
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