Sunday, April 17, 2011

 Lost Edens
a memoir
by Jamie Patterson
(Beaver's Pond Press, 7/1/11)


         When Ben wants to live with Jamie again after they've separated, Jamie puts all her
energy into making a home for them and finding a way to continue their marriage. The delicate
negotiation that follows is a carefully constructed reality between what Jamie is willing to
acknowledge and what she is not.

          As Jamie tries to understand how, exactly, a wife gets to the place where begging her
husband to stay in the marriage is part of a normal dinner conversation, she finally sees what
has been there all along.

Author Bio

         Jamie Patterson is a writer, teacher, runner, and dog owner who spent most of her
twenties trying to please everyone she encountered and help everyone she met. Not entirely
futile, this need to please resulted in a Master's degree in Language and Literature, A former
spokesperson for the American Red Cross and the Girl Scouts, Jamie is now an academic
editor for Walden University.

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