Sunday, April 24, 2011


While this book was very interesting and exciting in some ways, it was a little slow paced for me and it was hard for me not to allow my interest to wane. I feel the plot was good but the action was slow and there wasn't enough content there to really keep me addicted.

I had a hard time with this one, while I enjoy Indiana Jones type stories at times there was something about this one that just didn't get my blood pumping.

I do have to admit that this genre is not one of my top choices so that could be the reason why I didn't become as riveted as with some novels. However, I would recommend it to those that have a true love of the genre and especially those that enjoyed books such as "Angels and Demons" & "The Davinci Code" by Dan Brown. There is an underlying religious subtext to it that is very interesting and would likely capture readers of this genre in its grip.

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