Friday, April 22, 2011


Master Storyteller! Those are the best words I can think of to describe J.K. Rowling. She didn't just create characters, she created an entire world that you only wish you could be a part of. When I started reading the first book I thought that I would love them and intended to keep them for my little girl to read when she was old enough. Since then my views on this illustrious series has changed. 

I LOVE THEM and want to keep them for ME to read over and over again. Of course I'll share, I could never deprive my child of such literary genius but I must say that Harry Potter is not just a series for children. This series has so much depth and human emotion that it is hard not to see a little of ourselves in every character. In the end it doesn't matter if there are things about Hogwarts and Voldemort (oops sorry, shhh) that frighten you, you still long to be a part of it and witness it all for yourself... of course from a safe distance. I think I'll be weeping internally for years to come knowing that this series is at an end, but at least I can always re-read!

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