Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Reading Aaron Polson's "The House Eaters" reminded me of why I am terrified of basements, and why I vow never to live in a house that has one.  His intertwining of Indian Legend with a story of a HOUSE that seems to be perpetually haunted is intriguing and exciting.

This combined with the relationships and angst of the teenage years is a perfect read for the YA genre. I really enjoyed the book and I very much enjoyed the fact that the narrator/main character, Nick wasn't shallow like most young men can be.  He realizes early on, the good friendships he has found after moving to such a small town and he doesn't allow his animosity to keep him down.  I find it both intriguing and endearing of how protective he is over his younger sibling, Tabby. He realizes her strengths as well as her weaknesses and seems to hold nothing against her in any regard.

The trouble between his parents sets a nice backdrop to the story of an underlying drama in what is perceived at the beginning as being a perfect relationship.  It's not hard to see the underlying reasons behind why Nick's dad wanted to move back to his old hometown.  Mr. Sanderson, while being creepy, you still can't help but think he's just a lonely old man that has had a really hard life. 

The story is well written with a good plot and interesting subtext.  I do intend to read more of Mr. Polson's works!

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