Monday, May 9, 2011


Move over Stephenie Meyer!  I must say that I enjoyed this book much better. The fact that the heroine is not so completely dependent on others to always  save her was not only refreshing but much more exciting!  Victoria is a young woman on the brink of losing everything when she finds out that her heritage is far more than it seems.  She's tortured by the history of her grandmother and in complete denial until she learns from her familiar, a cat by the name of Leto that all is not lost. 

Meeting Christian Devereux is just the tip of the iceberg as she starts to feel as though she's finally found someone that can fully understand her, only to realize that their relationship is ill-fated and definitely not condoned by either side of the vast spectrum of the supernatural world.  It's a story that grabs you up and holds on tight giving you no choice but to stay the course and see what happens next. 

The pain and anguish of being  a teen on the verge of graduation and womanhood mixes triumphantly with the added angst of not knowing exactly who you are and finding out that you have vast power that is not always under your complete control.  There is action in this book!  Something I found sadly lacking in Stephenie Meyer's novels.  Amalie is capable of writing great fight scenes that you have no choice but to envision perfectly in your mind's eye.   This story is different and exciting and not your average run of the mill YA supernatural fiction.  It has teeth that aren't afraid to bite!  You don't feel as though the characters in this story are all vulnerable as they each have their own vivid qualities that make them unique and in some cases deadly!
Amalie Howard is definitely destined to become the next big thing in YA supernatural writing. 

I can't wait to see what she brings to the table next and after reading this story I hope to see far more of Christian and Victoria in the near future!

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