Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A futuristic story about a  young man, Ian Connors that has the power of a psychic, his visions come in dreams and he has been hired by Marscorp to report those visions in order to better their way of life. His loyalty has been to Marscorp for so long that when he begins to have visions that include a beautiful girl he sees as someday being his own, he begins to have doubts that he's on the right path.  With his entire life in question  he begins to try and find a way to save the girl he seeks out Vallar, a group of rebels that seek only to survive.

I enjoyed this story and usually I'm not one easily interested in Science Fiction or Futuristic novels. This book grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn't help but to stick with it to the end. Cindy Borgne has a way of writing that is paced perfectly and doesn't dwell too much on endless descriptions that can become monotonous and yet she gives us enough to imagine vividly the world she's created. One of the best parts is the love story that flows so easily into the adventure side of this novel. I would definitely recommend this read to anyone that loves Science Fiction writing and even those that are holding back on starting the journey into this genre.  Definitely a five star read!

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  1. Thanks for the review. It's greatly appreciated.