Friday, May 20, 2011


I never expected to find a parallel to my own life in this story, it was actually refreshing.  Drew A. Blank is a father that cares so much for his 6 year old daughter he'll do anything to try and save her life.  It's a story about love, compassion, and risking it all to save the one thing that means the entire world to you. When Michaela, aka Moxie is diagnosed with Lukemia, her father Drew has to figure out a way to raise the money for her necessary 
treatments. What could be better than becoming a crime fighting antihero?

With the help of some very colorful friends Drew takes on the world of the drug lord's intent on getting the money necessary to possibly save his daughter's life while ridding the world of some of the worst batch of drug 
dealers around.

With excellent detail and perfect dictation, Drew Blank has written a wonderful memoir.  It's a definite recommended read!

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