Sunday, May 22, 2011


This book was a pretty good read but I don't think I was as impressed with it as the rest of Mr. Kinnie's work.  It almost felt like I was reading X-Men with a slight twist at some points and at others it just didn't grasp me at all.
The story is about a girl named Alice that has had a hard life, being in and out of Foster homes she has finally learned to live on her own.  She discovered at a very young age that she could move things, as well as accomplish other interesting feats by using what she calls her extra set of 'hands'.  These extra set of 'hands' are controlled by her mind of course. She meets a few others like herself and passes their test to be let into their 'unique' club only to undergo extensive training to further control her powers. (See the similarity to X-Men here.)  It's a fun book and well-written, the pace is good and it flows easily it was simply not something I was interested 
in; though that doesn't mean others may not be! So read it anyway!

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