Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you get the chance to read this book I feel that you should not pass up such a wonderful opportunity.  "The Guardian of Eden," is not just the beautiful story of a brother that would do anything to protect the sister he loves and cherishes.  This story is an emotional ride that shows what true love really is and what it means to care for someone so much that you'd risk your own life and well-being to make and keep them happy. 

Garrett Anthony is more than just a brother that loves his sister, he's a genius , a brilliant young man with the ability to have a bright future if it weren't for his horrible family life.  From the moment he was old enough to think for himself he was tossed into the role of guardian, protector, and supplier for his younger sister.  This young boy became a man because he had no choice and he did what his parents couldn't and didn't want to do.

In my eyes this character is a hero, he's the kind of young man that any parent would be proud to have as their son. This story generates so much raw emotion I don't think I've cried like this in quite some time.  The depth of love that this book shares with the reader is just phenomenal.  Leslie DuBois is a first rate storyteller and her characters are alive, vibrant, and so real that you can't help but feel you truly know them.

This is a definite must-read for anyone and I would definitely recommend this book for ages 13 and up.  

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