Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I often pride myself on being a fast reader and in this case I started reading this book last night around 10:00 pm and I couldn't stop.  I've just finished it at 7:07 pm and decided I needed to get this review up. I can honestly say that if you like Mob stories this book is for you. It seemed to start out a little on the documentary side, a lot of narrative which was really good because R.E. gives you enough background that you aren't left in the dark when you get to the meat of the story. 

Clay is a young man just turned 21 that becomes the catalyst to an unfortunate accident which involves the death of a bar patron.  He soon becomes like a shark that's tasted blood and just can't let go of the leg it flows from.  Soon he loses his best friend and finds out that the 'accident' that took his life was no accident at all. This entire scenario sends Clay down a path of darkness as he becomes an avenging angel.  At first you can sympathize with the man and his need to gain revenge but later you begin to realize that he's tossed his life away only to become the divining hand of the Mob in his city. 

Clay goes through life warring with his emotions and trying to figure out what it is he really wants.  He ends up constantly losing his way and losing people he cares about all for the sake of his 'job'.  This story is well written and chock full of such detail you'd think that R.E. Shobernd had lived the life himself.  This  book makes you see the action as though watching it on screen and forces you to take a side.  Perhaps it's just that dark part of me that we all have but in a way I still liked Clay even though his path was a dangerous and bloody one.  Definitely a good read for the men out there!

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