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I ran this interview originally here in the chat on the site. For some reason it cut it in half and I missed out on the majority of it. Then when I tried to correct the situation and try to retrieve the chat I ended up losing the rest of it. Cristian was nice enough to take my questions in email form and re-answer them, thus I am posting it here. Please read and enjoy! This interview contains some wonderful insight into the mind of a really wonderful writer and gentleman.


(1) What was the reason behind the "Everybody" series? Did it have to do with your own childhood and the myths you heard when you were young?

Cristian: I had finished my book ‘Happiness May Vary’ and had sworn not to write another book. One day I was watching a TV show called Cougar Town. The main character made a joke that she didn’t do #2 only #1. That made me laugh. After I thought about the book ‘Everyone Poops’. I then tried to think of other things that people do that they don’t want to admit to. I then thought, ‘well, everybody masturbates.’ I did a little research and discovered that there were no books on Amazon that addressed this topic specifically. I mentioned the idea of writing a book called: Everybody Masturbates to a friend and they immediately loved it.

The only thing I had to figure out was what angle the book would take. I then thought back to when I was 13 and how much of a freak I thought I was for masturbating. I didn’t learn until I was in my mid-twenties that everybody was doing it. So I decided to write ‘Everybody Masturbates’ as the book that the 13 year old version of myself would have wanted to read. And after I got such great feedback on the first book, the other books soon followed.

(2) I read that you had worked for Disney can you tell me more about that and what you did there?

Cristian: I worked for Disney a lot over the years. My first job was in Orlando where I worked in the animation library. It was incredible to see the animators of the best movies at the time doing what they did best. After that I worked as an actor on small Disney projects and commercials. After that I worked as a promo producer with Disney Channel and Toon Disney. And most recently I worked in the Home Entertainment Brand Marketing department.

The great thing about Disney is that they manage to find the nicest people. And that was what always made it a pleasure to work there.

(3) Did you do the illustrations for your books?

Cristian: I designed the cover of a few of the books. I designed: ‘Fixing Cupid’, ‘Happiness May Vary’, and all of the Everybody books. But in all cases, I left the illustrations to the professionals.

(4) As anyone can see you are a very handsome man, I read that your mother was the first woman in the Bahamas to enter the Miss Universe pageant. She seems to be extremely motivated. Can you tell me more about her and her role in your own motivational ethics?

Cristian: Apart from being the first Miss Universe contestant from the Bahamas, she was one of the best tennis players in the Caribbean. She has also started 3 businesses and now in her late 60’s she is building her second rental beach house. She and I run an online store together called and even though she has never cared about accomplishments, her accomplishments keep me motivated to keep striving for more.

(5) You are asked to pose for a statue for Eugene A. Horvath can you tell me more about that experience?

Cristian: My first professional acting job was while I was still in college. It was in Rockford, Illinois in A Christmas Carol. After a performance I received a note backstage from an artist who was asking me to pose for a bust for a veteran’s memorial statue. Once I got there he asked me if he could sculpt my whole body. It was the middle of the Wisconsin winter and I stood in a cold warehouse for 5 hours in my underwear. But no matter how cold I got, I simply remembered that the bronze statue would probably be around 100 years after I’m gone, and it was worth it. I am very proud to be a part of that statue.

Here is a link if you want to take a look at it.

(6) You have other books you have written that are different from the "Everybody" series can you tell me more about them?

Cristian: My particular writing style is that I take things that could help the reader to see their life differently and then wrap it around an entertaining story. It is my favorite type of book to read and they are very hard to find. So that is the style that I choose to write.

The first book that I wrote that I liked was ‘The First Day After Life’. It was a book that I had done a version of 8 years beforehand and that I had worked on for 20 years. The version that I published is a version written from a lot more life experience. I wrote it to answer from myself and readers why it is that bad things happen to good people.

The book ‘Happiness May Vary’ is a book about what it takes for a man to be happy in a society that tries to force men to live up to unrealistic standards. ‘Run From The Reaper’ is about fear; why we feel it and should we feel it. And ‘Fixing Cupid’ is the only book that I’ve written where the only purpose of it is to make the reader laugh.

(7) You recently published your last book on the second of May, what are you plans for the future, do you have anything in the works now?

Cristian: I have 2 books in the works. Each month I am going to try and write a new book in the ‘Everybody vs The Ferret’ series, so I’m scheduled to start that in the beginning of June. And I am also writing a novel called: ‘Samurai Zombie Hunter’. ‘Samurai Zombie Hunter’ is about a guy who is scared to reveal himself in his pre-apocalyptic world in fear of others trying to hunt him down as a zombie. But at the same time he is desperate to make a connection with others including someone that would love him for who he is. It should be a funny, sad and heartwarming read.
I would like to thank Cristian for his time on Saturday, May 8th and I do hope to interview him again at some point to answer a few more questions.

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