Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Being a history buff I truly enjoyed this book. The fact that Frank W. Lewis mingled the history of the Gold Rush with a story with elements of love, passion, and interesting characters just made it that much better. At times I almost felt as though I was watching a well made documentary on the History Channel. The relationships between his characters were colorful, well-written and interesting.  What was perhaps one of the most refreshing elements is the fact he was not afraid to show the in depth relationship between two women that genuinely seemed to care for one another.  The addition of questioning ones sexuality was something that added an element of surprise and difference in the story especially since it was about the Old West.  I would recommend this book for those not afraid to embark on something different and exciting when it comes to reading novels pertaining to history.

Frank W. Lewis is a wonderful writer and I intend to get the other books in the series to learn more of the background of these fantastic characters.

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