Saturday, June 4, 2011


Katrina Parker Williams has a way of weaving a story that makes you believe she was right there and saw it happen.  The stories in this book are rich with history and the truth of what it was like to live in that day and age as an African American slave.  You can see, as well as feel the horror, heartbreak, sadness, and even some of the happy times that went on in the lives of these people.  The stories are well written and told in such a way as to draw you in and make you see the characters in your mind as though you were standing there with them.

There are times you just want to reach out and hug them and tell them it will be alright or laugh with them as you witness some of the more humorous side of their lives.  Katrina Parker Williams is an author I will be looking for in the future, I will definitely seek out more of her work!

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