Wednesday, July 13, 2011



This book is not just a coming of age story, it's a story about life in a time long forgotten. Written for the YA genre the lessons contained in this book are great for the younger generation. Ai-Ram loses her family to an unforeseen disaster and is taken to the Empire, Erech a young prince is taken hostage, his fate the same, when they meet they form a friendship that is paramount to their survival. Along with the other young acolytes of the Empire undergo training to prepare them for a future that is unsure.

From coming close to being sacrificed to the God Bel, to going through many trials Erech emerges a 25 year old man with a destiny that could decide the fate of both his homeland and the Empire. This book was wonderful. I would definitely recommend it to all YA readers as well as adult readers alike. I love the fact that Phil took this tale back into the Roman times and added elements of fantasy.

A definite must-read.

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club

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