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(1) You have so many talents ranging from a degree in physical therapy to being an athlete, and now an accomplished writer. Where do you find the time to do it all?

I pray a lot. lol. But seriously, I just go with what I am inspired to do and I figure that God will make the time work somehow and oddly enough, He always does. I only sleep for about 5-6 hours a day, so I have more than enough time to get projects done and be effective.

(2) You have a beautiful wife and two equally beautiful children, what do they think about your writing career?

Thank you Kitty. Well, my girls think it's "pretty cool" to have their daddy working on a book or two. My oldest is always joking about having a "lead" role in one of my stories. My wife has been very supportive of my efforts and is actually really intrigued by the way The Star-Crossed Saga is shaping up. I think it's hard to get people that know you so well to separate you from your work. But I think that once they do it, they really find a good story that they can relate to.

(3) What's it been like for you having a famous uncle? Does it seem that success for yourself has been easier or hard or had it had any impact at all?

He is truly an inspiration and his success over the years has been a huge benchmark for me. I know that America is a place where dreams "really do come true" and all you have to do is grab a vision and follow through with it, always believing that it will break through. The success factor has really never impacted me one way or the other. I mean, I've never really looked at it in any way. I always apply myself 100% with anything that I'm interested in. So, I like to think that my "obsessive" commitment to getting things done right makes me a very steadfast and dedicated person.

(4) What is some of the most valuable advice you've ever received about life and career?

My uncle once told me to work as much as possible, keeping 1-3 jobs at a time. Keeping every option open because you never know what could branch off from each one. Also, whatever you do, work at it as if for the Lord and not from men (bible). That way, you will put all that you have into effort task even if you do not agree with the circumstances.

(5) What led you to want to write?

Inspiration. God spoke to me one day in church and asked me to write Star-Crossed. I sketched out the plot during the service. Then I went home that night and immediately began researching how to get this thing started. I began to really draw connections between the characters and their story arcs. Taking some of my own personal experiences with love and putting them in the story. I love the dialogue between all of them. I wanted to pour substance in each one of their interactions. Also, the quiet times that they share really have "meaning" and creates that strong bond. I am a huge movie buff and I wrote Protostar more like a screen play than a novel. People who have read it already, say that they can see the story as such.

(6) Do you have any plans on writing for the future besides "The Star-Crossed Saga"?

Do I. I have at least 4 more stories already briefly outlined. I'm really excited about each one of them. They range from: a new take on Werewolves (graphic novel) and Witches (teen story), a story I'm terming as a "Spiritual Thriller" and a long series about an orphan. I also have ideas of smaller stories that branch of from the Star-Crossed universe.

(7) You seem to have a profound love for Sci-fi, is there other genre's you've thought about writing for?

They will all be covered in the books I outlined earlier. I like to think that my books don't fit into one category because they imitate life. Life is a big conglomerate of experiences and ideas and my books reflect that. The reader is asked to broaden their mind and travel to different settings so that they can hopefully experience something that is new and exciting.

(8) Besides being a dad and having a family, what are some of your accomplishments you are most proud of?

Just coming into my own with my faith and not taking each day for granted. I've really tried hard not to be so closed minded in life and be available for God to use me to help others, no matter how different they. That way, I can always be receptive to learn as much as I am to teaching.

(9) If there is one role model in your life that you could choose that's had the most impact on you, who would that be?

Hmm, that's a good one. I'd have to go with Bill Gates. He had a vision, went with it, and never stopped believing that it could go to the levels he imagined. Along with that, he is a very giving and humble person.

(10) Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors out there?

Pray and be confident in what you ask for. The hardest part is just getting started. I got to a point where I almost walked away from it all because I thought the vision was too big. I lacked the confidence to take on such a task. But I stayed the course and I am so proud of the story I've created and the feedback has been amazing. I've already started the sequel and completed the outline for Protostar. Stay tuned.

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