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This novel spoke to me, being an aspiring author myself there is so much to learn contained in this one book. It says a lot about positive thinking and that you have to believe in yourself before anyone else will believe in you. It also speaks about the power of faith and how it can change your life for the better. James Frost is a struggling artist, a wonderful writer that is repeatedly rejected by publishing companies and editors that think his story is just not good enough. He goes through multiple re-writes as he moves through life meeting people that inspire and some that try to keep him down.

Coming close to giving up on several occasions he keeps in mind all that he's learned from his mentors Mitch, the father that James' father could never quite be, Arthur, the editor willing to help him muddle through the hard times and offer never ending support and help, Meranda, the adopted grandmother/accomplished writer that has a problem only James can seem to understand, and Leigh, the woman that loves him unconditionally and breaks through the vicious cycle of parental control to stick by the man she loves. This book was simply remarkable one of the best I've read in a long time.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially to those that seek inspiration to carry on with their dreams and never give up!

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club

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