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Beautifully written and perfectly paced, Wayward son by Tom Pollack takes you on a journey through the ages. Cain, the first-born human, slew his brother Abel. It is said that Abel is the first human to die, and Cain was the first murderer and ancestor of evil.

Roaming the world over and afflicted with the memories of his horrendous act, Cain is cursed to live forever. Having to move from place to place as the human lifespan shortened after the Great Flood, Cain blends into society by taking on different names, jobs and moving from place to place. Experiencing different cultures and forging history, he questions why God would curse him so. But the Master of Spirits, the voice all around him, reassured him of his God’s ill intention and provided him with the comfort of knowing that he would continue to care for him.

In a series of complex revelations, Wayward Son presents its unique plot that comes together in a very profound way. For you to understand why Cain lived so long and what roles both God and the Master of Spirits played in his life, is to understand that the work Mr. Pollack had to put into this story requires an imagination and dedication to the craft of writing that is beyond respectable.

~ Review by Keith Rommel, author of The Cursed Man.

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