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This story of two best friends raised together from birth, never knowing the truth of who they truly were, forced apart by circumstances beyond their control is a good story. The plot and idea is great, though I felt the story lacked some emotion. When the one friend Amelia, has to fake her death in order to undergo training so she can protect her best friend Jade, who is an inuit, the ordeal didn't seem at all real to me.

The mother's emotion was misplaced and she was almost too detached. The story also seemed to skip back and forth from past to present so that at times it was a bit hard to follow.
Overall, I liked the story but I think it could use a little editing.

The story itself is great there were just a few things that kept me from truly enjoying it.

Still I would encourage those that enjoy a good fantasy with a unique plot to give it a read!

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club

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