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GMTA: How old were you when you first started realizing that you had a forte' for writing?

ALAN: I knew, or more like, everyone around me knew, that I was a writer from the age of about five. I wrote my first story when I was in kindergarten/first grade. It was about microscopic mice looking for a place to play an annual world baseball game. My teacher wondered if my mom had an older child in the fifth or sixth grade because it was that good I guess. I still think I will rewrite it one day and try to share it with other kids.

GMTA: What was the very first material you wrote?

ALAN: See question one. But professionally, I began getting published when I was 14. I worked on my high school newspaper and ultimately earned job on the city newspaper covering sports and music before I was old enough to vote. Won a few awards and just kind of went from there as a journalist.

GMTA: How did your current project "DNA" come to mind?

ALAN: DNA is kind of a combination of elements. I have always been sickened by how the human animal continually turns a blind eye toward trending 'red flags' and instead wait for the other shoe to drop. Then we go on blaming and assigning guilt when in reality we are in total to blame because we were too self-absorbed or uneducated to do anything preemptively. Thus, DNA became, what I call, a propaganda idea to call the world to the attention of what is happening under our noses. The use of zombies, a genre I have been in love with since I was nine-years-old, became easy since in essence the human race spends plenty of time cannibalizing itself - figuratively off course - and it would be the perfect analogy. DNA is in essence propaganda, a call to revolution, while entertaining the reader. At least I hope it does! =)

GMTA: When you write do you usually base your characters on certain people in your life or do your characters just evolve on their own?

ALAN: I use fictional, hoped for characters in the protagonists, and for the bad guys kind of an ensemble cast of scum we see every day in our lives. Those people are not hard to conjure up. For "Trapped Inside the WEB", my characters I believe all had a little bit of me in each one. I guess I am a little arrogant.

GMTA: If you could name one achievement in your life that was special to you what would it be?

ALAN: I am most proud of that I can honestly say that up until answering the questions to this interview I have never acted with malice one time. I have never tried to hurt another person or intended to. Maybe that's why I write the stories and tell them the way I do. Every thing should be done with a simple intent to make the world better for everyone before putting yourself first.

GMTA: Tell us about your other novel "Trapped Inside the WEB" ?

ALAN: I conceived of it after 9/11. It took me three years to finish. I was not a big chat or online guy and so I actually created fake personalities to go online and learn the verbiage. It was a tale that I felt needed to be told. We are growing too, too dependent on technology and because of it we don't realize how badly it is creating self-absorbed, lazy, automatons. If we don't watch out, the next 'advancement' will probably end up killing us and we probably wouldn't care.

GMTA: You are also a Sports Writer for a newspaper, how did you get into that?

ALAN: I have loved sports since I was a baby. Sunday Chicago Bears games became my babysitter. Then the Cubs, then the Bulls, then the White Sox, then the Blackhawks, etc. Dad just got me hyped up on sports and I watched more and played more than I did being a little kid. Being from the Midwest did nothing to curtail my growing lust for competition. I am an extremely competitive person and some say the biggest competitor they have ever known.

GMTA: If you could only choose one thing to do with your life, for the rest of your life what would it be?

ALAN: Get a book deal, buy a house in the mountains of Northern Idaho or Capri (or both, yay!) and just write all of my 20-25 books I have in my wee pee brain. Make money to take care of me just enough to live quiet and comfy before giving the rest away.

GMTA: Tell us a little about your background, family, education, or anything else you'd like to share.

ALAN: I am a University of Arizona graduate with a B.A. in journalism and history and other degrees in education. I coached basketball for 10 years.

GMTA: Is there any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring authors or screenwriters?

ALAN:Just write what you know, what you feel, and don't write to simply make money. Also, remember before you begin ask yourself, "why would anyone want to read this?" Some people just write to write and that's fine and good. Yet, if you have a passion to do something for the readers, make their investment worth the time spent reading you, then damn, you better make it something they can get something from. I believe having this in mind is just another way to pull your passion out even further in the work.


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