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GMTA: Are you North Carolina born and bred or were you born elsewhere? Tell us a little about your family life before the world of Scott Nicholson creative writer came to be?

SCOTT: Yeah, I’ve lived here all my life, in some of our finer trailer parks around the state. I’ve been here in the mountains for about 25 years now.

GMTA: I saw in your list of odd jobs that you had at one time been a paranormal investigator. Can you tell us about that experience and some of the things you may have seen?
Well, I’ve never seen anything but a little interesting evidence collected by other people. I had the sensation of being touched once. I used some of those experiences in my novel Speed Dating with the Dead.

GMTA: So you are an organic gardener, I take it you enjoy eating healthy?

SCOTT: I don’t trust the junk they put in food. It’s all engineered for the sole purpose of selling as a product. I practice what I call “compassionate self-reliance”—take care of yourself and grow a little extra for the next person who might not be so lucky. I also save and share my own heirloom seeds because I think it is morally reprehensible that corporations can own patents on seeds.

GMTA: I didn't see any mention of a wife or children so I'm going to be nosy and ask, are you married, do you have any kids?

SCOTT: I don’t go into my personal life much but I have a wonderful, supportive wife who is a puppeteer and community artist, and a couple of kids.

GMTA: How old were you when you first started writing and when did you realize you had a talent for it?

SCOTT: I was always creating, from the minute I could hold a crayon. In the early grades I was winning all the art and writing contests. And I just never stopped, although my creative outlets changed over time, from art to music to writing.

GMTA: Tell us about your screenplays, are there any out there we may have seen on the big screen already?

SCOTT: No, one of my novels is optioned and has a script by someone else, and I have adapted a few of my own novels and written three originals. I haven’t really marketed them much, because it requires an agent and I don’t want to move to Hollywood. If something happens, it happens. I already had my fun writing them.

GMTA: If you had a style for your type of writing is there any one author you could compare yourself to?

SCOTT: Well, I am finally realizing that I will never be as good as King or Koontz, but I am the only one who can do Scott Nicholson. A little weird, a little edgy, sometimes funny. Not everyone will like it, but some will. And, maybe, that’s just right. It’s good enough for me.

GMTA: What is your current project or any future ones you have in mind?

SCOTT: I just started a new novel I hope to finish by Christmas. I have several other ideas, and a couple more collaborations planned with author J.R. Rain of the Vampire for Hire series. I have way more projects than time at this point, which is a good problem to have.

GMTA: Now you have written stories under a different name that seem to be focused on the younger generation, can you tell us about those and if you have more planned?

SCOTT: Well, I launched “L.C. Glazebrook” to separate my paranormal books and then realized, “Gosh, it’s hard enough to market one writer, much less two,” so I killed L.C. Now it’s just me. I am writing anther paranormal and have a pen name for it as well, but that same problem comes to mind, so I don’t know what I’ll do. I want to do more October Girls books if readers like them and support them.

GMTA: I always end my interviews the same, so is there any advice you'd like to give to other aspiring authors out there?

Read and write and never give up. Read books on the craft. Learn the business. Borrow successful ideas but never follow.

Thanks for having me, Kitty!

Thank you Scott for a wonderful interview!

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