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GMTA: After perusing your Amazon profile I noticed that "Ink" is not your first book. Can you tell us a little about the other books you have written?

HOLLY: Ink is actually the eighth book I’ve completed. I have a series, as well, called Wingless of which there are six books. It’s a paranormal romance about life, death, love and all the crazy dysfunction that comes with it. But Death definitely plays a big role in that series. I don’t want to give it away, so I will leave it at that.

GMTA: Now it says in your bio that you are a wife and mother, how do you find time to write and do you have a special place you go to do so?

HOLLY: I have three kids. They are eight, seven and five. I make time. Whenever I am cooking, I write and run between the kitchen and my bedroom. My bedroom is where I do my writing. It’s semi-peaceful in there. I think what helps me write so many books so fast is writing every day. I made it a point to write at least a chapter a day, and it really works for me.

GMTA: What does your husband think about your writing?

HOLLY: He thinks it’s awesome. He brags to everyone he knows about it. And he is incredibly supportive. Sometimes he even gives me ideas, or we brainstorm together when I am stuck. I don’t think I could ask for more out of him, honestly.

GMTA: You have a very diverse set of authors you speak of on your bio as your inspiration, Edgar Allan Poe, Jim Carroll and Nicholas Sparks. Have you found any of this diversity coming through in your own writing?

HOLLY: Great question. I like Edgar Allan Poe because of how dark and haunting his words are. I like Jim Caroll because he was just so remarkably talented with his words; they were beautiful. I felt sucked into everything that he wrote. And Nicholas Sparks does something that I like; he doesn’t give the reader the classic happy endings. He finds a way to make you feel more than just satisfied. The ending may be happy, but he still took you through a lot of emotions before arriving there. I like writing that speaks the truth, and my writing is very harsh in the sense that I let the characters show their ugly sides. The guy may be hot, but he also has a bad attitude when you piss him off. And to me, that’s part of life. People aren’t always going to be nice, and everyone’s not trying to please everyone else. I honestly think my writing is dark a lot of the time, or makes you want to cry. Or laugh.

GMTA: How do you come up with ideas for your characters?

HOLLY: I don’t really know. It almost happens naturally. I always know who I want for the main character, but I really get a feel of the character as I write. I might want them to be one way, and then they totally morph into something different. But I always have a visual of what they look like before I write them into the story. Without the visual, I can’t create them.

GMTA: After viewing the reviews and ratings your books seem to be doing very well, do you think being an Indie Author and self publishing is better than going with a big time publishing company?

HOLLY: Yes, because all I wanted was the ability to share my writing with anyone who wanted to give me a chance. I have learned a lot in the process and you can only get better with each book you put under your belt. I am doing what I love and that makes me happy. Yeah, I think it’s everyone’s goal to have a big time publisher say, “you’re cool enough to hang with the big dogs.” If that ever happens, that would be great. If not, I don’t care. I am too busy having fun writing over here to worry about it.

GMTA: What are your ideas for other books? Have you thought about writing in other genres?

HOLLY: I never tried third person before, so I ventured down that path and it’s almost complete. It’s a murder mystery versus paranormal romance. I have notebooks I write my ideas in, and I have a great idea for my next book. I think anything I write will always have romance in it. But this next one is funnier.

GMTA: How old were you when you first started writing?

HOLLY: When I took it serious, about eleven. I was the kid who only needed notebook paper and a pen. I wrote down everything—all the dialogue to movies, music, poetry, stories, and I had a journal, of course. The funny thing was, back then I couldn’t finish a story to save my life. But it was still fun.

GMTA: In your bio it says you're a reality TV aficionado, does reality TV ever give you ideas for stories?

HOLLY: Oh, yes! My favorite character is based off of the personality of a specific reality TV person. I love reality TV, it feeds my imagination. It really helps fuel the dysfunctional side of my characters, too. My close friend tells me I am the Queen of dysfunction in my books, and I love that!

GMTA: Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring authors out there?

HOLLY: Don’t give up on writing. If it’s what you love doing, keep doing it. Becoming discouraged isn’t going to get you anywhere. And always read! The more you read, the better you get at writing! I also think everyone needs that one person to bounce their work off of. Someone who will give them their opinions and thoughts on their work. And always remember, you can’t please everyone, so don’t try.



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