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The devil believes the Christian world has sustained itself on a lie. Believing that Jesus only succeeded because He was blessed with divine knowledge, the Devil bets God to place his son once again in the world, but this time with multiple handicaps. The new embodiment of Jesus would return without knowledge of his own divinity, and would receive no guidance or intervention from his heavenly Father.

The terms of the bet revolve around Jesus returning as a regular human being with no powers, no knowledge of any eternal reward, and most importantly, no knowledge of the bet. Jesus will have to willingly and selflessly give his life, to save at least one person by his 33rd birthday. If not, the Devil wins, which will mean that Jesus’ crucifixion on Calvary was in vain. Man would then no longer be saved, and the Devil will be free to harvest the souls of Mankind. But if the Devil loses, the Devil will become human, and on the same terms – with no knowledge of who he is, or of his dark powers.


FBI agent Christine Mas is obsessed with catching a cold blooded killer that she believes was involved with the mysterious circumstances of her father’s murder. A serial killer, known as the “Branding Killer”, has been claiming victims for over 32 years, all with only one thing in common, they were born on Christmas Day. The killer’s trail takes her from the streets of New Iberia, Louisiana to the distraught country of Haiti. Can Agent Mas solve the riddle, which drove her predecessor to madness, before the killer strikes again, or before she succumbs to the insanity that surrounds her?



Ken Policard was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. He's worked in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades as a producer, manager, and song writer.

He is currently living bicoastal between New York and Los Angeles with his family.

The "Blood of Eden" novel was originally based on Ken's screenplay. It's the first installment of an already completed trilogy. When writing a script or novel, Ken usually works, and consults with his writing mentor Mike S. Conley. "I run all of my ideas by Mike first... and trust me, if there are any logic or plot point issues... Mike will find them, and his suggestions are usually worth taking to the bank... or to the Box office!

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