Monday, September 26, 2011



I loved this book. Ireland has always been an interest of mine and learning more about it from this book was simply amazing. The story of two girls, Shelia and Phil and their life in Belfast, Ireland as they go from being children to teenagers and finally adults is touching enough. Though when you begin to toss in a few boys here and there especially John Branagh and Davy Hagan, life starts to get a bit difficult.

Two girls, hopelessly in love with two boys, one destined for the priesthood and trying to live a good life, the other into mob activity, drugs, and all kinds of trouble. They lead these two girls on such an adventure and even though Shelia and Philomena know they should turn away and forget them, it's impossible when they keep popping back up in their lives.

A touching story and at the same time a fantastic parody of modern life in Ireland, Gerry McCullough has written a wonderful book. I would place this high on the list of to-reads!

Kitty Bullard /Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community

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