Friday, September 9, 2011




Five thumbs way up for Tamara Lowery! This is the first time I have ever read a novel about a Pirate turned Vampire! The story was phenomenal, a Pirate by the name of Victor Brandewynn is cursed by a witch for his evil ways. In so doing she turns him into a vampire by means of magic instead of being bitten. He can still walk in daylight and has no affinity to religious objects as others do. At first the curse seems to be a blessing in disguise though he soon learns from a dear friend, a woman that has raised him as her own son, that this curse will indeed be the end of his life. It is then that Victor embarks on an adventure to save his life and hopefully find a way to end the curse placed upon him by the voodoo woman.

Why I love this book? Because it is a fresh take on the vampire tradition. The fact it happens to a Pirate and the setting is different as well as the reasons behind it is fantastic. I absolutely loved this story and hope that Tamara will write more! Definitely worth reading, this story was refreshing in the fact that it followed no other vampire tale I've ever read. Awesome read!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud

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