Monday, September 5, 2011




I am sitting here in my living room, right now, writing this review and I am still looking around me and in all the possible dark places scared to death that someone might be hiding there. This book caught me from the beginning in an iron vise-grip and did not let me go. I stayed up until 7 am yesterday morning reading this book. I say yesterday because it's already almost midnight here now and I am actually a little afraid to go to bed because the husband isn't here. Those of you out there reading this may think, "this chick is crazy" but trust me when you read this book you will understand.

Liz Schulte is a phenomenal writer and this book freaked me out! I kept screaming at the main character Ella to "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" But of course, as characters often do... she didn't listen. This book is not just a paranormal type ghost story, it's a thriller, murder mystery, drama, and horror all rolled into one. I would advise anyone out there that enjoys a good scare and likes being afraid to close their eyes at night to read this book.

I am chomping at the bit to read more of Liz's works and plan to seek them out, she is a writer that reminds me much of one of my all time faves Karin Slaughter but with an extreme paranormal edge, completely all her own. Definitely pick up this book!

Kitty Bullard / GMTA Public Relations Manager

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