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It finally happened, World War III tore the everything apart and once it was over the survivors have been forced to pull together where they could and rebuild the world into colonies. The village of Lia Fail is the largest colony with its own queen and is settled in the Hollywood area of the Santa Monica Mountains. It has been thirteen years since the war's end and the time for the Gathering has come again. As the colonies far and wide prepare to travel to Lia Fail to join one another in a time of peace and tranquility, they have no idea what evil lurks waiting to harm them all.

S.L. Dearing has created a cast of characters that are multi-faceted as well as endearing. It's not hard to see this series becoming an actual television series. The entire premise of the story is exciting and something you can entirely imagine being true. It seems the world has gone back to living in a time reminiscent of medieval life as well as the life of the world as it was just being settled. The creation is at once beautiful with just the right amount of undertones of the macabre to keep you interested in finding out what's going to happen and what these people can do to keep their families safe.

I started reading this book night before last and stayed up late unable to stop reading until I finished it only moments ago. I definitely recommend this book and hope others will pick it up as a must read. S.L. Dearing is definitely an author to watch.

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Literary Community

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