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After reading your biography and learning about your first tool for writing, I feel it's safe to say that your mother was a great influence and stood behind you in your endeavors. Can you tell us more about her?

My mother had a talent for writing, though she used it mainly for letters. After WWII my father had traded in the family car and was waiting for a new one. Because he wouldn’t “pay under the table,” his name never came up. Then my mother wrote directly to Henry Ford, who sent a car special delivery. (That’s dating me, I know). My mother also had a beautiful singing voice, though she never did much with it. I, on the other hand, majored in voice at Northwestern University. Mother was encouraging with my singing and writing, although the only careers she thought were suitable for women were secretarial or nursing. She was proud of my success in singing.

I would love to know more about the groups you are involved in such as the Writers of America and the RWA.

That’s Working Writers Club, which I joined recently, actually right after the Blog Jog Day. RWA is Romance Writers of America, which I joined in 2005. I then joined KOD, Kiss of Death, the mystery suspense division, and its critique group, Lethaladies. I’m still an active member of LL. I also belong to HHRWCritters, which is the crit group for historical novels, Chicklitwriters of America, Outreach, and YARWA, the young adult chapter. I also belong to ElementsofRWA, and its Critiquingtheelements2 critique group. All but the first, the Working Writers Club, are associated with RWA. Now I see why I’m always trying to catch up. I also take many classes that are offered through various chapters of RWA, and this has been invaluable.

It seems you enjoy writing both romance and suspense have you thought about trying any other genre's?

Yes, in fact I have five fantasy novellas I’m working on finishing. There’s a mystery in each, but they are also romance, along with some paranormal. Four are shapeshifters – Path of the Wolf, Flight of the Hawk, Noble Dragon and White Jaguar. The Fifth is Kilted Guardian, which involves an immortal from Scotland. I also have a timetravel thriller/romance in the works, and a timetravel Viking/Scotland adventure romance. While working on this, I discovered a family connection, possibly to the Vikings of long ago. They invaded Scotlandfrom 800 – 1000. I like everything. I’ve a hankering sometime to try a real adventure type. I love Clive Cussler and Andy McDermott, but I think I’d have to get a whole new education for that.

Out of all your books so far which one do you think was the best and why?

Although it’s not done, I believe this would be Widow’s Walk, which is still in progress. This is the timetravel thriller romance which is set in Northern Minnesota.

Tell us more about your family, your husband and children and what do they think about your writing?

I was divorced from my husband years ago, but have three grown children and seven grandchildren. My son is also a writer and works for a franchise magazine. This is nonfiction and he has a humorous twist to his writing. Nobody was more surprised than he was by my getting published. My two girls are happy that I’m published and fully expect me to become a millionaire. One of my granddaughters is anxiously waiting for me to finish the YA mystery I started specifically for her. Hopefully, that will be by the end of the year.

I found it wonderful that you talked about the mistakes that you made when you first started writing, I'm sure all authors have been through that. What was the most valuable lesson you learned during the writing process?

Never give up.

Do you have ideas for the Mollie Fenwick series, and if so how many books do you think there'll be in all?

I’ve already decided that I’m going to have to live to be 100 because I can’t stop getting ideas for the series, and for others. I’m going to keep right on writing the series.

You mention Red Rose Publishing, tell us more about them and your experience with them.

Red Rose Publishing is basically an ebook publisher, started a few years ago. The publisher operates out of New York. They do put out print versions eventually, and I just found out today that Murder By Mistake will be available as a paperback somewhere around the 28th of September. I’m almost too excited to work. Red Rose gave me a chance when the publisher I signed with folded right before my book was about to come out.

If you had to choose one genre to write what would be your favorite and why?

Mystery, but at least with some element of romance.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring authors?

Keep on working at it, take classes, join a critique group and never ever give up.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you Joan!

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