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GMTA: I see that you lived in Rotherham, UK until you were ten. Do you ever think about moving back or are you happy in Portugal?

SUZY: Up until a few years ago, I would have said no... but I'd actually love to move back now. I've been in Portugal for 25 years and I'm ready for something new. I'd like to buy a place in rural England surrounded my lush countryside and close to some exciting historical sites. There's nothing better than an old English castle or cathedral to give me inspiration for my next book!

GMTA: Now you have been an editor as well as an author, if you had to make a choice between the two which one would you choose?

SUZY: Author.... I'll always say author! Editing magazines was a lovely job, I met some great people and got paid well but there's nothing like creating books and have people read them!

GMTA: Tell us a little about your first book "Raven" in the series and how you came up with the idea.

SUZY: Raven is about a young girl living in a loveless environment in London with her parents, but when they disappear and she has to move to Canada, she discovers her mother wasn't who she said she was. She also finds out the staggering truth about her family... and it involves all kinds of weird and wonderful paranormal stuff! I actually got the idea when I visited Powell River in BC, Canada in 2009. There was this stunning spot where I sat on driftwood on the beach and it was so incredibly beautiful and mysterious, that my mind went into overdrive! I could imagine vampires, changelings and werewolves in hiding behind me.

GMTA: How much further into the story will "December Moon" take us and do you plan to write a third novel for this series?

SUZY: December Moon centres around how Lilly and December find themselves living within hours of each other... and they're both hiding astonishing secrets. It's got a lot more action and fun than the first book. I can't tell you much more than that without giving it away! There's definitely going to be a third and final installment in The Raven Saga called The Lost Soul, which will be out next March.

GMTA: I noticed as well that you are currently working on a novel called "Forever Fredless" that highlights a woman's search for her lost childhood friend. Can you tell us more about that and when it may be available for purchase?

SUZY: I actually started writing Forever Fredless a few years ago. Every now and again, I go back in and write a bit more but I'll be working on it this Autumn and hopefully have it ready for release in a few months. Chick Lit is my other favourite genre, along with YA.

GMTA: When did you realize that you had a talent for writing just more than your usual journalist type stories?

SUZY: Probably about 12 years ago. I read an interview in Cosmo Magazine with a favourite chick lit author at the time (Jenny Colgan) and it inspired me to have a go. I wrote my first book, Molly, in two weeks! I tried to get an agent but failed and so I put it away and forgot about it. For the first time in years, I had a look at it the other day and it's actually not that bad! It needs quite a bit of work but I'm hoping to re-write and release it to the world in a few months!

GMTA:What was it like being an assistant editor and what kind of talent did you run across during this time?

SUZY: It was an interesting job and it involved editing articles, running around to interview people, basically being the editor's dogsbody (!), but it was fun. I really enjoyed editing other people's work... I guess that's the main thing that I discovered a talent for.

GMTA: It seems you're an animal lover! Have you always had a lot of pets?

SUZY: Pretty much, although we had dogs when I was growing up. I was always a bit nervous of cats, until I met my husband (when I was 16) who had a couple of huge English cats. Since then, I adore all feline varieties! We now have five cats and two dogs, but there was one point when we had 11 cats!!


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