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Deirdre Kildeer is a poet that teaches at the local college. When her world seems to begin changing for the better, winning the Dovinger Prize for poetry, and coming up for tenure, she is taking a stroll through the market with a friend and is attacked from behind. The attacker is never seen but they escape with a piece of her... a lock of her auburn hair. Who could it be and what secrets about Deirdre might they know? Better yet what secrets is she hiding?

This book is a thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing from page one and the ending is so surprising you'll be amazed to find out who the culprit really is and the reason behind it all. Not to mention the fun of a budding love story.

Mary Chase's writing style reminds me of some of mysteries best writers. A wonderful book that will hold you in its grasp and keep you turning the page well into the night.

My rating: 5 Ravens

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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