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How did you first start writing and what were some of your inspirations?

I was a stay-at-home mom for several years, and I read anything that I could get my hands on. After a while, I began to think things, such as, "I would have ended it this way," or "I would have done that differently," and began scribbling out my own stories. I never intended to try for publishing. I only kept my stories for my own enjoyment, but finally, my husband said, "Why are you doing this if you never intend to publish them?"

The obvious reason that I did not was, it is very difficult to put yourself out there for the world to judge. When I finally decided to go for, I didn't tell a soul that I had done it, and to my surprise, I was published the very first try. I have since then struck out on my own as an "indie" a move that I have not regretted. Without my husband pushing me in the right direction, this dream never would have came true for me.

Is horror/supernatural/paranormal/thriller the only genre you write in?

I write in 2 genre's Contemporary Romance, and Paranormal Romance. I have 3 Contemporary, and 2 Paranormal.

What are some of your other books and where can we find them?

All of my books are available on Amazon, and 3 are available on Smashwords, as well. My books include, "The Danger from Within", "A Fighting Chance" ,"A Secure Heart", "The Society of Sinners", and "Wicked Sinners"

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I love the entire month of October, but Halloween is special in my childhood memories. I have a wonderful Aunt, who would take me out on Halloween night, and after several hours of collecting candy, she would then take me to all the scary spots, and share a bunch of scary stories with me.

How do you celebrate Halloween if at all?

I have 2 sons that are still young enough to Trick-or-Treat, so I do that each year.

What is your all time favorite scary movie?

Children of the Corn. I saw this movie as a child, and it still scares the crud out of me!!

What are some of the things you dressed up as for Halloween when you were a kid?

Hobo was my all time favorite.

Tell us about your very first Halloween.

I've hit the age where I can't remember my first Halloween :)

Were you ever the scary storyteller of the group or more the one to get scared?

I was the youngest in my family, therefore, I was the one everyone tried to scare.

Thank you for your time with this interview, is there anymore information about your works you'd like to share with us?

"The Society of Sinners" is the first in my Sinners Series. Book 2 "Wicked Sinners" is set to release any day now, so keep out an eye out! You can watch the trailer for Wicked Sinners here:

You can read more about my books at
You can also check out my blog at

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