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How did you first start writing and what were some of your inspirations?

When I was in college, my professors would enter me into writing contests and I would win. But at the time, I was so focused on getting my teaching degree, I didn’t take the hint. Then one day, or rather night, I had this wicked dream that was so vivid and clear that I thought it would make the most awesome movie. I started writing it down with the intent of giving it to someone to make a screenplay from it, but I just couldn’t stop writing.

Is horror/supernatural/paranormal/thriller the only genre you write in?

I just love suspense. I’m sticking with it for sure.

What are some of your other books and where can we find them?

I don’t have any other books out there, yet, but the sequel to Watched, Protected, comes out in March. Yahoo!

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

I love to be startled and surprised. There is also nothing better than seeing a house that is decorated so extremely well that you think you are in the middle of a nightmare.

How do you celebrate Halloween if at all?

I decorate my house like crazy-different every year. In my neighborhood, my house is THE house to go to on Halloween—except for the little ones that tend to be too scared to walk down my spooky path. (I always go after them and give them a treat, removing my mask or cover or speaking in a soothing tone) I also throw two big parties. One is a sit down spooky dinner and one is a big, bring a fun Halloween dish to share party. They are always themed and full of mischievous games. All my parties are costume parties and on Halloween, my whole family gets decked out.

What is your all time favorite scary movie?

I only like suspense scary, not horror scary. I know, I can dish it out, but I can’t take it.

What are some of the things you dressed up as for Halloween when you were a kid?

My most memorable costumes include: a cat costume, that was really just those thin, pinchy masks they used to make and black clothes with a long homemade tail. I loved that costume. I also went as a ghost….made from a white sheet, and a baby, complete with bottle-it was all the rage.

Tell us about your very first Halloween.

The first Halloween I can remember was when I got to dress up as a cat. I had begged my mom for that cat mask a thousand times until my mom finally relented, which was truly a surprise gift. ( with 12 mouths to feed, we didn’t have any extra.) I was the proudest cat in the neighborhood and even slept in my costume.

Were you ever the scary storyteller of the group or more the one to get scared?

I was the one to tell the stories. There is nothing better than scaring the noodles out of people—especially at girl’s camp.

Thank you for your time with this interview, is there any more information about your works you'd like to share with us?

Since Halloween is my favorite, Watched is on sale everywhere you buy ebooks, including for the Kindle and the Nook, for only .99 cents. Sale ends Nov. 1st. Act fast.

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