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(First, can I give you a big thank you for inviting me onto your excellent web site?

I am delighted to be here and take part in your series of author interviews.

You are so welcome Faith, and thank you for joining us for the interview!)

Being in a military family seems to have afforded you the chance to travel quite a bit, what kind of an affect if any has that had on your writing ability the subjects you write about?

You’re quite right. Being a ‘service brat’ meant we travelled to some really exotic places and were fortunate to live there. We lived in Singapore, Malaysia, and Malta for 9 years. In between we visited: Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Spain, Holland, and Italy. I think I must have caught the travelling bug as once I’d grown up a bit I ventured over much of Europe, the States and the Middle East.

Also my husband and I were fortunate to take early retirement (well he got it and I just took it!)and we decided to buy a yacht (sailing boat) and sailed across the Atlantic. We spent three years up and down the Eastern seaboard of the States, as far up as New York and south down to Venezuela. The Caribbean Island chain was home for us for four gorgeous seasons.
Now we spend our time between Cyprus and England.

You seem to be extremely active! Can you tell us more about your favorite things to do with leisure time?

I’ve always been a keen runner and I try my best to keep fit. I’m a hasher and we practice this twice a week in Cyprus – not always easy with high temperatures and the hilly terrain of the island. I love scuba diving, sailing, skiing and walking. For the quieter moments I enjoy cooking, entertaining, acting, I read a tremendous amount and of course there’s the writing!

Your life seems to be a full one, and you studied a bit in college as well, what were your most favorite classes?

I qualified as a State Registered Nurse when I was 21, then I set up my own business later on. I have always enjoyed Biology so I sat for a university degree when I was about forty and passed with a fantastic mark!

My other favourite subjects were; art and sculpture, science and sport and English of course.

It seems your family gives you a lot of support in your writing, how has this made a difference for you?

Oh yes they do. I could never have written and finished my first book if it hadn’t been for the encouragement from both my husband and children. My parents were a bit bemused and I still think they believe I’m playing at it!!

What other books do you have in the works and what can we expect from you in the near future?

At the moment I’m about 1/3 of the way through my latest novel. It started off as a straight forward romance, but I got a bit bored and decided to make it into a psychological thriller – much more fun and more my line!

I also have in my possession – left me by a very old lady - a hand written cookery book dating back to the early 1900’s. The author was in service in a house belonging to the aristocracy and the recipes are amazing. For instance where would you find a recipe that starts with: “Take one swan…?”

I would love to get it printed and out in the public eye as it is absolutely unique…I really must find time to do so.

Can you tell us more about your current novel, "Children of the Plantation" and why the idea to write this novel came to you?

“Children of The Plantation” is set in Malaysia. As I lived there as a child I always wanted to write a novel about it. “Children” came to me only this year as an idea and within a couple of months I had a full blown new novel. It’s quite spooky and mysterious and so far the reviews have been fantastic! I had the original idea from a play I starred in and took the story from there. It’s nothing like the play really but it gave me the initial idea.

Do you have any plans to write other genres and if so what are some of your favorites?

Other genre? As I said earlier on I did start my latest book (WIP) as a romance, but I needed to make it a bit juicier. I do love historical fiction and I tend to write in the latter years e.g. 1940’s onwards so I might well branch into that genre.

When you have time for reading do you find your taste in reading to differ greatly from what you right or is it about the same?

Some the same, but with historical fiction as well. Some romance, and some fantasy.

If you were told that you had to stay at home and do nothing but write the rest of your life, would it be a blessing or a curse in your opinion?

That’s tricky. I’d miss the sporty side of me. If I was ill and confined to a wheelchair then perhaps writing would be a blessing. Yes,aA blessing if I was in my seventies and upwards!

Do you have any advice that you'd like to give to other authors?

A lot of my blog posts are about writing and keeping at it. You do need stamina, dedication and confidence when writing. A lot of writers do hit a low in the middle of their books. I’d say if this happens to you then walk away, do something else and then when you come back to it the problem has usually resolved itself. Don’t give up. Don’t write for others, write for yourself. Your followers and fans will find you, don’t worry. Your life is in your own hands and be true to yourself.

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