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Thank you MJ for doing this interview with us, "Super Zombie Juice Mega Bomb" seems to be a zombie survival guide for the young, correct?

I like to think of it like that; it's about a trio of kids surviving a zombie outbreak. The book imparts valuable knowledge about surviving a zombie invasion, but does it without kids even realizing they are learning.

I think this is the first time I have ever seen a zombie book for kids, what gave you the idea to write your book?

I love old zombie movies, but I couldn't find a teen appropriate zombie book. There are some great one's in print, but they are either too violent (like World War Z) or too watered down (like Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie, which is fun, but written for a much younger audience).

Have you always been a zombie fan?

At a sleep-over when I was about 12, I saw Dawn of the Dead. It was the type of movie my parents would have never let me watch, I was hooked. The thing that really draws me to zombies is unlike vampires, werewolves, and other monsters, with zombies you stand a fighting chance.

You actually have survival kits that you were giving away on your blog, tell us more about that.

I wanted to do a giveaway that really tied in with the book. What better way than to give out zombie survival kits? Most of the items were actually used in the book, including the water gun. It turns out all one really needs to take down the undead is lemonade (or anything with a high pH), what better way to defeat a small horde of zombies than with Super Soakers!

Do you have plans for another book, perhaps in the zombie line?

Yes, Nathan and Misty have more zombie fun ahead of them.
But first, I'm finishing up a Vampire book, Girls Bite. I love paranormal stories like Twilight, Hunger Games, and My Blood Approves. But most guys see these books as disguised romance novels (really, they are much more than that). My hope is by telling the story with a male MC, I can get more guys to give it a chance.

Have you given thought to writing in other genres?

Yes, I have written an adult novelette, The Little Wooden Chair. But even it is about kids. I guess I just never grew up; I still read mostly MG and YA books.

Someday, I'll get to sci-fi; I have several story ideas (still MG and YA) that I'd love to flesh out.

How prepared do you think you will be for a zombie apocalypse?

Well, I do have an emergency plan. A well thought out zombie survival plan is a lot like a regular emergency plan; you need food, water and other essentials, but you also need to secure your house. Keeping enough plywood sheets on hand for all your windows keeps you covered for a hurricane, tornado, civil unrest, or a zombie outbreak.

What is the most important advice you could give to a child that is in the middle of a zombie horde?

Run! Get inside, lock the doors and wait. Remember, zombie’s aren't good with stairs, so barricading the stairway is a good second line of defense if they get into the house. Most importantly, if there’s a fire, don’t hide, get out of the house and run to a neighbors (preferably one who’s still alive).

What is your one hope in spreading zombie safety awareness?

We see so much about zombie preparedness in the media; recently even the CDC has gotten into the act. But lost in the message seems to be advice for the younger generation. If I can save just one kid from the scourge of the undead, I'll consider the book a success.

Do you have any advice for other authors out there?

Just to keep reading, writing, and editing until you've been working at it so long that you no longer have any idea if what you write is any good or just junk--before that it's sure to need improvement.

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