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After losing her one true love, Miko, so many years ago, an immortal healer named Saari is struggling with the memory of what happened and how to get rid of the nightmares that plague her. The year is 2032 and supernaturals have become more prominent in the human world although they still strive hard to keep themselves from being known. Some have found solace in the company of others and some have gone rogue. One of Saari's best friends is Mag, an Egyptian vampire that seems to have deeper feelings for her than she realizes.

Having loved and lost multiple imes she has given up on ever finding the love she had with Miko, so she keeps Mag at a friendly distance. Suddenly a dark, handsome stranger appears after Saari is attacked by a rogue vampire. Dhelis realizes almost immediately that Saari is his soul mate. In the meantime Saari's psychiatrist is trying hard to find out the secrets behind her lovers death... but why?

What I loved about this book were the many different scenarios that revolve around Saari, the central character, but still have the ability to stand alone. Renee Rearden has a knack for weaving stories together bringing them to one tumultuous conclusion. Though it seems there is more than one story going on at a time there is an underlying current that connects all the characters seamlessly.

"Moonlight Bleu" is an extremely well written and exciting read. My rating is 4 Ravens!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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