Sunday, October 30, 2011




This book takes you on a journey through the last few moments of the really messed up life of Adiran. Adiran is a drug dealer that seems to stay high on acid most of the time. The story starts off with a journal entry by the one girl that seems to genuinely love him for himself.

The entire short story is written on a melancholy note in which Adiran seems to point out, in his own way, just how truly messed up the world is. The points he makes are even valid and really have the power to make you think.

The shame of course comes with his untimely death and the loss of a young man that seemed to have a truly remarkable, bright mind regardless of his many addictions.

The story was well-written and somewhat philosophical in nature, an interesting and intriguing read.

4.5 Ravens!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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