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Amazing! This book, start to finish was one of the finest pieces of young adult genre literature that I have had the honor of reading in quite some time. To be quite honest I have been constantly disappointed in some of the more popular writers abilities at conveying the truth of teenage emotion. A lot of times the realities of how they would act in certain situations, the moods that are so viable at this time in their lives were never really shown as if the author had a disconnection with the characters and couldn't describe them properly. More importantly this book had me saying "pfft, X-Men who?" The "Sixes" are an obscure group of mutant teenagers that are being captured by the Denazen group in order to use their abilities in negative ways. When Kale meets the daughter of the ring leader by accident, Dez learns that her father is not who he seems to be at all and really the enemy.

This is only the beginning of one of the most exciting adventures I've read in quite a while and I simply could not stop reading. I felt like E.T. following that seemingly never-ending trail of Reese's Pieces to get to the large bag of chocolate, peanut butter filled goodness at the end! So my analysis' are somewhat crazy, I know but my point is that Jus Accardo is definitely going to go far with her writing.

For an older woman that loves YA fiction of all types, even Stephenie Meyers "Twilight" Series did not have me near as impressed nor as excited to read more as this book does. That was another thing I loved about this book, the relationship between Dez and Kale had far more passion than so many other couples in other YA books I've read. The intense emotional draw was real, not something designed by societies acceptance of "how to go far without going too far."

Keep writing Jus! I'm waiting patiently for the next one!

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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Book Review – Touch by Jus Accardo

   Deznee Cross is a girl who never backs down from a challenge, the biggest of which has been living up to her father’s great disappointment in her. A skill which has required daily effort to maintain.
   On her way home from yet another death defying party trick, Dez stumbles across Kale, a hunky, teenage boy hiding out from strange men in leotards. Knowing her father wouldn’t be home yet, she seizes her chance at making the veins in his temple bulge by taking Kale home. In her attempt to make conversation, Dez learns there’s more to Kale than just hulking biceps and drop-dead eyes. 

   When her father comes home, his reaction to the boy standing in the living room was not one she expected. Neither was his instant knowledge of him, nor his cold, calculated reaction as he pulled a gun on them. One thing she did know, they needed to get out of there – and fast.

   On the run, Dez learns why Kale is different. He was born a Six. His power enables him to turn humans to dust by his touch. He is also a trained weapon for Denizen, the company her father works for, the one he has just escaped. She learns there are others with similar powers forced into working on the Denizen force, most against their will. Dez finds out exactly what kind of monster her father is and what he does for a living. She also learns her body is not affected by Kale’s touch, at least not in a dusty death sort of way.
   No one is aware Dez also has a secret, one she has hidden all her life. In trying to save Kale, she rediscovers her own ability. Together, they fight against the powers who want them broken.  
   Author, Jus Accardo brings her characters to life this young adult paranormal tale. Her writing is witty and real, capturing your attention until the very end. The innocence of true love between her characters will melt your soul.  It is an absolute delight when an author is able to make the reader experience rather than simply read. A definite two thumbs up in my book.
5 Ravens!

Lee-Ann Graff Vinson/Great Minds Think Aloud (Author of ‘Love’s Trust’, ‘Callie’s Fate’ and ‘Georgia’s Smile’). 

Exciting thrill ride. That's the first thought that comes to mind when I think of Touched and how compelling it was. The Author surprised me with the quick paced and action packed movement of this young adult novel I fel as if I was thrown into the adventure and journey with the main character Dez and kept on the whirlwind of chaos that rips through her life as she knows it and turns her world upside down. Kale the young man she meets keeps her on a rush that she is unsure of how she feels pulling her between family, friends, and past loves.

Kale brings news to Dez that she never would expect after he realizes that his special touch isn't enough to kill her not only is Deznee taken for the ride of her life but Kale gets the first glimpses of a life worth living outside of the tortured , captivity he has always known and that there may be a chance at living.

The writer truly knows how to captivate their audience be it from the ones of young to even old ones like me. I eagerly await the next work and hunger for more. 

5 Ravens!

Reviewed by: Emily Tuley

Touch (Denazen, #1) by Jus Accardo
(Review by Saewod Tice)

Did you like the show Heroes? Is the young adult genre your forte? Well, then you need to immediately grab a copy of Touch.

Touch begins with Deznee (Dez) Cross, snarky adrenaline junkie, running into- or, well, being run over by- Kale. Kale is a mysterious hottie who serves Dez’s sole purpose- to piss off her father. However, Kale is extremely different, odd even, and his touch kills. Dez finds herself ensnared in a web of lies, lies that include not only her fathers, but hers as well.

Jus Accardo grabbed and held my attention in the first chapter. Starting it yesterday evening, I couldn’t put it down and finished the book this afternoon during my hour on the treadmill.

Dez is a fun refreshing character who isn’t self-conscious about her appearance, which is a refreshing change from the ‘I’m just plain and unnoticeable’ characters in most Y/A novels out there. She is fun, smart mouthed, yet compassionate.

Kale is mysterious, naïve, and downright HOT. The possessive/protective nature of his character is interesting to watch blossom in each chapter, along with his induction to the real world.

Touch takes you on an amazing adventure into the possibilities of human genetics and the conflict imposed by human nature. Keeping each chapter well-paced could have been a downfall for this type of book, but Jus succeeded. She also succeeded in taking a group of children, caged for the greater good, and made it work where it could’ve easily failed.

Rating: 4/5 Ravens!

Recommended for ages 15 and older, {some swearing and sexual situations}

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