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This story is about two brothers raised by their widowed mother. Jacob and Noah couldn't be more different than if they'd been born to two different sets of parents, and though Jacob is openly homosexual while Noah is straight that's not the only differences between these two young men. Noah is a hard worker, dedicated to taking care of his family while Jacob is more laid back and just takes life as it comes. Still while he loves his brother and has no problem with his life choices, Noah is tired of their mother always comparing him to Jacob as if he's the golden child.

When Jacob decides to move to New York with his partner and Noah stays behind to care for their mother a world of excitement, adventure, and unknown danger opens up for him, but what will it ultimately cost him and what lessons will both brothers learn along the way?

This novel was the perfect view of the life of a homosexual male trying to make it in a world that's hard on everyone, but the temptations can sometimes have a deadly price to pay in the end. It's also the story of brothers and their differences as well as how losing someone you love, someone that has always been there for you and accepted you for who you are, can change your entire life, some changes of which are not always for the better.

The story is wonderfully written and you could feel the character's emotions. It teaches you that changing is not always easy, and at times it is best to be yourself and realize who you are and embrace it rather than try to live a lie. I highly recommend this book, Gregory G. Allen has a way of writing that keeps you interested long after you've finished the book.

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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