Saturday, October 8, 2011




This book is completely touching and the kind of story you just can't put down. Emmy Rane is a girl that married too young, a girl with a low mental capacity and her baby is all she has. Her husband seems to have only married her because he got her pregnant and there is no love in the relationship. So when she leaves the baby outside for just a minute while she runs in to get something and she is stolen, Emmy is blamed for it all. Even though the pain of her loss is easy to see she is dragged through the process of being treated as though she's guilty of her disappearance.

Meanwhile, every other chapter highlights the life of Sophie, the baby that was stolen. Years later Sophie is still living with the woman that took her on that fateful day. Having been told time and again that they were running from the "No Good" she is forced to live a life of seclusion. When they move to a new town and she begins to fall for the boy next door she has to find a way to keep her 'mother' from finding out, scared she'll make them move yet again.

The book is at once a psychological thriller and a moving story that will have you completely wrapped up to the point you can't let go. Cheering for the helpless while still unable to fully blame the ones responsible for the heartache, it's the kind of read that will leave you emotionally drained but satisfied in the end.

Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud /

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