Monday, November 21, 2011


I just had to post this, I'm sure you will all get a kick out of it. This was written by Doug Lucas one of the authors we work with often. I think he either has supreme faith in Great Minds or just enjoys working with us quite a bit! Lol Happy Thanksgiving all I hope you enjoy the following short action scene!



In the eleventh hour, when there seemed to be no chance of survival and the embattled Marine was about to be overcome by massive hordes of blood thirsty angry men bent on his destruction, he remembered the one weapon in his ever dwindling arsenal that might change the course of the battle and history.

At best it would be an act of desperation, even more dangerous than calling in another air strike and artillery on his own pause, which he'd already done---twice, but now it was his only hope at surviving. He picked up his com and to make the call.

His voice was raspy, he could barely hold the handset because of his shaking hands and fear induced sweat kept rolling into his blood shot eyes making them burn. He hesitated----would they come? They were his only chance and if they didn't get here quickly all was lost. He made the call, once again uttered the phrase every infantry mans most dreads, "It's my pause, my call, everything." He'd played one more desperate card in the attempt to remain alive and not be defeated.

Minutes later the sky began to fill with "camo chutes", they came out of the aircraft firring their weapons and raining death from above. Within seconds the dark moon less sky looked like a mushroom patch that spit tracers, rockets and filled the night with the screams of the dying enemy.

The Minions of the First Brigade of the Great Minds Think Aloud Division had all volunteered to come to his rescue. He would live to fight another day, but there was some guilt attached to that joy.

As he surveyed the death and total destruction about him, he tried to justify it with the thought, "The bastards gave me no choice, they're lucky Kitty didn't come herself.

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