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PART ONE: Prophecy of the Guardian
by J.W. Baccaro
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-913-7
Print format ISBN: 978-1-61160-024-7

The Second Great War between the Light and the Dark has begun, and
Abaddon the Demon Lordis searching for the four ancient Wizard
Crystals of the Elements. Once the Crystals arein his hands, and
corrupted to evil, he will destroy the forces of Light upon the
earth,and transform the world into eternal darkness.

But Darshun Luthais, one of the last Nasharin warriors, along with a
few companions, sets out on a quest to find the Crystals first. Along
the journey they encounter giant six-legged serpents, the ruthless
Cullach, and other entities of darkness; yet the most challenging
obstacle is Darshun's constant struggle against temptations of evil,
and his vow to hold to the faith of all who are calling him the
Guardian—the prophesied warrior who will bring down the Demon Lord.

PART TWO: Siege of Darkness
by J W Baccaro
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-981-6
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-60313-981-6

Tragedy strikes Zithel, and the city of monks goes up in flames. The
Earth-Wizard Mazarian has disappeared, and the army of Asgoth has
taken back the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, ready to deliver them
into the hands of their master: the Demon Lord Abaddon, where they
will be corrupted and used against the very elements they were created
to protect, deforming the world to a blackened void. As Darshun
chosen Guardian of earth—emerges from the mystical Shajin Island,
having completed his training, ready to combat the forces of evil, he
not only finds himself in the center of this chaos, but is also torn
in different directions. Part of him longs to obey the wisdom of the
Elders by relocating the crystals and fleeing Asgoth, while his
Nasharin nature thirsts for battle, eager to take on the many trials
that stand in his way, keeping him from what he desires most,
challenging Abaddon, the ultimate terror.

PART THREE:The Coming of the Light
by J W Baccaro
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-60313-985-4
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-61160-269-2

The Wizard Crystals of the Elements have fallen into the hands of
Abaddon, forever corrupted and transformed to evil. Abaddon now
patiently waits in his northern kingdom for the coming of
Saruinkai—the evening when the spirits of Darkness rule the night, and
when he will unleash the Crystals' horrific powers against their own
elements and sweep destruction across the earth. The Light's hope now
lies in the young Nasharin warrior Darshun Luthais—the chosen
Guardian, for he alone carries the power to stop Abaddon's black
sorcery and end the war once and for all. But to do so he must cross
over into Abaddon’s kingdom, and that means destroying the one who
guards the border, a Fallen Angelic Throne, the secret to Asgoth's
three hundred year Rule and invincibility.
Led by the elvish lord Caelestias, Darshun and his companions must
seek out and destroy the Throne, encounter a Witch, and a horde of
other vile creatures, only to stir up the entirety of Asgoth, coming
face to face with them, a battle that will determine the fate of the

PART FOUR: The Sword of Righteousness
by J.W. Baccaro
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

The Dark King Tanarokai...his ever-bitter Queen, and their ‘three
hundred year undefeated army of death’ never thought they’d see the
day when Asgoth would come crashing down by the hands of the Light.
The time draws near when the Light may hold the final victory, but
little as they know, the horrors and tribulations are just beginning,
and fate is not always fair and balanced.

Guardian of the Seventh Realm Book Four: The Sword of Righteousness is
another “chapter” in the Second Great War of the Seventh Realm.

Darshun Luthais—Nasharin warrior and chosen Guardian of earth,
continues his journey across the arctic land of Syngothra, seeking to
destroy Abaddon's Unholy Altar of Power, and bring the Second Great
War to an end. But when a new and deadly sorcerer working for Abaddon
discovers his plan, he sets up a trap for Darshun and his five
companions, a colossal army of darkness lying in wait among the frozen
elements, ready to unleash its fury once the intruders are in sight.

Now it is up to King Loreus—ruler of Loreladia to unify the scattered
races of Light, and charge into Syngothra before the trap is sprung.
For Loreus wields the Golden Sword of Purity, a weapon forged long ago
by the Five Holy Races, before darkness had separated them. With
little time to spare, the Loreladian King must stop the Elves from
another civil war, gain their trust and then encounter the Centaurs of
Cestmir, a pious Matriarchy and self-righteous race, where if they do
not remember the Sword, they may prove to be more of an enemy than

About the Author

J.W. Baccaro has written the epic fantasy series ‘Guardian of the
Seventh Realm. Home is in upstate New York with his wife Melissa. When
he is not creating fabulous cities such as Loreladia, he is creating
music with his band. Jason spends his time with literature, gardening,
the wonders of nature, the mysteries of space, and time with his

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