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Thank you again for donating a book for the "Literary Stuffings" giveaway. Can you tell us more about the book you donated?

My book, "Death:Living To Talk About It" is a memoir. In 2007 I was in hospice, waiting to die. Well, I didn't die, but it caused me to ask a lot of questions. Why, at the young age of 35 years did I have a heart attack? What did I do to push myself into hospice when I was less than 54 years old? I recounted my life, and through this introspection found out lots of things.

This time of year is usually a warm and happy time with friends and family, how do you usually spend Thanksgiving every year?

We change up a lot. Always spending the holiday with old friends and family. Sometimes at our house. But like Hemingway, Thanksgiving for us is a movable feast.

Can you remember one of your most happiest Thanksgivings?

Just this past Thanksgiving. To the surprise of many, I was still alive. Thanksgiving was at our house and was a warm, loving time.

What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

My wife's food. She is a wonderful cook. I just am addicted to the food. ALL OF IT!

Some families have traditions they do every year, does your family have a tradition that goes along with Thanksgiving?

At somepoint at the table, we all go around and tell what we are thankful for.

Food is always one of the biggest things about this time of year, do you have a favorite desert or even a recipe you'd like to share with us?

Yes, and no. Yes I have a favorite dessert - berry cobbler. It is a secret family recipe so I am not at liberty to share.

There are so many ways to cook a turkey, does your family have a special way of getting the big bird ready, perhaps a special ingredient or stuffing?

Oh my. I am not sure what my wife does to the stuffing, but is my favorite food. I could discard all of the other food and just eat the dressing.

After eating all that food and settling in for the evening what do you do with the time that's left before bed?

Usually watch TV. Football.

Is there any other information you'd care to share with us about your books that are out now or any upcoming novels?

My book is a story full of hope and inspiration. For excerpts and links to purchase, go to

Thank you so much for your time Brian and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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