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Thank you again for donating a book for the "Literary Stuffings" giveaway. Can you tell us more about the book you donated?

For the Sake of Amelia Tormented is a novel about an abused woman fighting to get her life back.

Life for Amelia Parker has been hard to say the least. Tormented by flashbacks, and the vow of her ex husband to finish the job he started as soon as he’s released from prison, sends Amelia into an emotional frenzy as time for his release grows near.

Amelia packs up and moves from her home in Colby, Kansas to the small town of Camden, Maine with the hope Ray will forget all about his vendetta. Amelia finds new friends and a new love in her happy peaceful life in Camden.

She is suddenly snapped back into paralyzing fear when she receives word of Ray's release, knowing he will fulfill his promise to finish what he began. Hearing gunshots and her screams, her new love Kyle must make a rushed decision to keep her alive.

Due to a strange twist of events Kyle’s past meets them head-on and jeopardizes Amelia’s safety yet again. Will Kyle be able to save the life of the only woman he has ever loved?

Join Amelia in this roller coaster ride of emotions that will have you gripping the edge of your seat at every turn.

This time of year is usually a warm and happy time with friends and family, how do you usually spend Thanksgiving every year?

I usually make a huge dinner and have family and friends visit throughout the day. Although things change as the years pass us by and the kids get older and go their own way during holidays we still find time to spend a few hours of the day together.

Can you remember one of your most happiest Thanksgivings?

One of the best Thanks givings I can remember was when my daughter was young and we went from house to house visiting everyone and delivering pies.

What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the warm feeling you get when everyone gets together to enjoy a day of parades and sports.

Some families have traditions they do every year, does your family have a tradition that goes along with Thanksgiving?

My daughter tells me my Thanksgiving traditions is cooking enough food to last a year. Truthfully I really just cook everyone's favorite dishes.

Food is always one of the biggest things about this time of year, do you have a favorite desert or even a recipe you'd like to share with us?

There are so many favorite recipes I would like to share.

There are so many ways to cook a turkey, does your family have a special way of getting the big bird ready, perhaps a special ingredient or stuffing?

The recipe I use is the traditional turkey with traditional stuffing. Although one year my daughter tried a maple and bacon turkey...I must say it was a disappointment so from that year on we still go the traditional route.

After eating all that food and settling in for the evening what do you do with the time that's left before bed?

The family usually sits down and we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...kick off the Christmas season with a movie that makes everyone laugh.

Is there any other information you'd care to share with us about your books that are out now or any upcoming novels?

I currently have published the first two novels of the For the Sake of Amelia series which includes Tormented and Inhibition. the third novel in the series tilted Retribution will be published early December. I am currently writing another three novel series titled The Mind of a Madman. the first book should be available in February 2012. this novel is titled Evil Unleashed. I'm currently writing the second novel in that series titled Evil Stalks. I also have a young adult novel that is available titled Faerie Wishes, this novel is about a female faerie that falls in love with a human male. Talia wants nothing more than to join Cayden in the human realm and live happily ever after only to find out the human realm is far to dangerous for an unsuspecting faerie.

I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in your Thanksgiving interview and giveaway.

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