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Hello Kitty! Thank you for having me on Great Minds Think Aloud! It is much appreciated!

Hello J.W. and thank you for including us on your Blogstop tour! What can you tell us about your current series you're promoting, "Guardian of the Seventh Realm?"

“Guardian of the Seventh Realm” has been a lot of fun (and a lot of work) writing and promoting. It is a five book series that begins with "Prophecy of the Guardian." Although some have called it: “Not your typical fantasy,” I cannot claim that my series is a brand new distinct, epic tale, beautified with new ideas and dilemmas that would separate it from a thousand other sword and sorcery fantasies. At the same time, what does make my story stand apart from many others, (at least all of the epic fantasy stories I’ve read) I believe, are the ‘spiritual’ elements. The series is not so much about magical powers, mystical creatures, or vexing kingdoms of men, centaurs or dwarves. They're all there, of course, but the theme of the tale revolves around courage, loyalty, right and wrong, banding together in times of darkness, a kiss of romance and even elements of Dark Erotica, and faith in something larger than we can see. Elements any one of us can relate to in everyday life and times of trial and tribulation. Oh yeah, and did I mention the Nasharin Race? If you like battle, you’re going to love my new class of Warrior. *smiles*

When did you first start writing and what was the draw to this particular genre?

The project started in November of 2000, and through the years it has undergone many twists, turns and changes that I was not expecting—but I’m sure that is common in any author’s project. Still, the ending result is wild once you step away and think about it all, what you originally created, what you altered, progressed, and what you never thought would come about—and yet somehow your mind gave birth to it. I gather one could call it the “Wow Factor.” All right, I admit, that was a little cheesy. *laughs*

As soon as I finished J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic “Return of the King,” I felt lonely. In other words, I missed Frodo, Gandalf, Samwise, Strider, etc. The fact that I missed them so much made me realize how awesome it is getting ‘sucked’ into a world of Epic! I decided I wanted to create my own adventure, and so...Guardian of the Seventh Realm began, and the journey was a long one before its completion.

Are there certain special things you do to prepare you for the writing mind-frame?

Yes. I like waking up early on weekends. Usually around 3:00AM. I make my coffee, turn on the computer, and at my own pace...write away! I can never find the strength to write after work, my mind is usually ‘worn’ from other projects going on. I’m also in a heavy metal band called Rigor Hill. I’m the guitarist and I write a lot of the music. So early morning on weekends, (or lunch breaks at work) are my best times to write.

Who are some of your all time favorite characters in works by other authors in this genre?

The female wizard Sinderian from Madeline Howard’s “Rune of Unmaking” saga. I also love Thorin Oakenshield from Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” Samwise and Gandalf from the “Lord of the Rings,” and especially Bree from C.S. Lewis’ “The Horse and His Boy.” And I know this is not considered epic fantasy, (for me it falls under the same mindset of ‘epic’) but I also love Great Uncle Merry and Will Stanton from Susan Cooper’s “The Dark is Rising” saga.

Who would your most prominent inspirations be?

Originally: J.R.R. Tolkien, the mythology of Christianity, Judaism and pre-Christian Celtic folklore, and the Japanese Magna “Dragonball Z” by Akira Toriyama. I say “originally” because lately I’ve been into Urban Fantasy and Dark Erotica novels like “Nighwalker” from Jocelyn Drake and “Vampire Mistress” from Joey W Hill. Seems I’ve taken a break from epic fantasy.

Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre or have you already?

Oh yeah...Dark Erotica! *innocent grins* I have a story in the making, although I cannot give any promises when it will be completed.

What are some of your favorite characters in your own series and what was the inspiration behind them?

All right! I love this question! *smiles* Darshun Luthais is my favorite character in my series. He is modeled after myself, (except for the expertise in the martial arts, along with his magic, unless I ever learn the ability of the Fire Star!). He is adventurous, happy-go-lucky, and sometimes a bit cocky, lol, and he’s on a journey, like all of us in the path of life. He faces many tribulations and trials, some heartbreaking, but necessary in order for him to grow in his calling of Guardian, and in the maturity of his reality.

My second favorite character is the Dark Queen Talvenya. She is extremely dominant. Her violet eyes cut right through your spirit whenever She gazes at you. Talvenya is molded after...something, but I cannot say what right now. Don’t wish to give any spoilers.

Besides Darshun, Talvenya is the richest character I’ve created. There are a lot of surprises with Her. Just don’t fall on Her bad side in the beginning, or you may find yourself as one of Her statues in Her Chambers, or a pile of smoldering ashes resting in front of her favorite pair of thigh high boots. *laughs* Oh yeah, did I mention She’s a self-proclaimed Goddess, and a bad arse of a warrior? All I have to say is poor Darshun.

My third favorite character is Lady Kelarin, a she-elf. She is so pure, so innocent and “holy” that it’s frightening. She is molded after my wife. I’m not saying my wife is perfect, (hope I don’t get in trouble for this, lol) but usually whenever someone meets my wife they feel that beautiful aura she carries; in a sense it is quite pure. Kelarin has a lot to do with the series as well. She is a key factor in defeating the adversary...if it’s even possible, that darn evil Demon Lord Abaddon.

What can we expect next from you?

Well, I have four other stand-alone stories that have to do with some of the characters from my “Guardian” series in the back of my head, but I may finish my Dark Erotica before I start them. I never know where my mind is going to take me.

Is there any advice you'd like to share with other authors out there?

I’m a very humble writer and musician. I stay away from comparing myself to other authors, and I like to put myself on the bottom of the list. But, if any of my fans are in the process of creating a story, then I’d say just don’t give up—no matter how difficult the journey becomes. A good friend of mine once told me that if you are good at something, and continue on that path, eventually at one point in your life something good will come of it. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, a year from now or five years from now, but more than likely it will happen. If you love to create—no matter the field, then just keep pushing up that path. Believe in yourself, and you will make it. I need to tell myself that from time to time also. *laughs*

Thank you again Jason, for your time with this and perhaps we can do it again in the near future!

I thank you too, Kitty, for the time you have given me on your Blogsite. I’d love to do it again!! *high five* :)


  1. Absolutely wonderful interview! Great questions Kitty and terrific answers Jason!

  2. Thank you Cynthia! This is part of why I love doing this so much! :-D