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Thank you again for donating a book for our 1st annual "Good Tidings & Trimmings" e-book Giveaway! What book or books did you donate, tell us more about them.

The books I donated are “Bedtime Stories for Dogs” and “Bedtime Stories for Cats.” These are short stories and fables written for animal lovers of any age, so they’re appropriate for the whole family.

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season and what does Christmas mean to you?

I love getting together with family and friends to celebrate our relationships. People and caring for others is at the heart of this holiday for me. I also love the music because the tunes bring back memories of good times with love ones.

What is your favorite holiday memory?

There is a running joke in my family about getting socks for Christmas. Of course all kids hate getting socks instead of toys so I made a rule that the kids must create a wish list by December 1st so that all the relatives had time to shop. Anyone in violation of this policy received nothing but socks for Christmas. Needless to say, my kids always had their lists done on time. However, one year when my kids were still small we made a video where my son pouted because he had only gotten toys for Christmas and he was disappointed that no one cared enough to buy him socks. It was funny.

Do you still have any of the toys you got when you were a kid?

Yes - I still have a stuffed animal and several books from when I was a child.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

Food and lots of it. I love baking and cooking with my family because the planning and creation part is jut as much fun as the eating. It’s a social process.

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

Yes - Santa Claus is alive wherever people act in the spirit of giving. There is magic that we can all create at any time of year when we put others first.

A lot of people get that warm, fuzzy feeling around this time of year, are you one of those people?

Yes, if I have enough wine. In fact, this works anytime of year.

Have you ever gone caroling or wanted to?

Absolutely - several times. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and once went caroling with friends from my high school choir when it was below zero.

If you had a choice of the perfect weather for Christmas would it be cold and snowy, or warm and sunny?

Cold and snowy. A blizzard would be nice.

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