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Thank you again for donating a book for our 1st annual "Good Tidings & Trimmings" e-book Giveaway! What book or books did you donate, tell us more about them.
I believe I went crazy and donated three eBooks to the Giveaway! Hehe

The first is Playing with Fire Anthology of Horror. I got together with six other authors who like psychological horror, not so much the gross-out kind. It took about six or seven months to put it all together and it was well received on the Indie circuit.

The second one is The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing. I started reviewing books about a year ago and writers started asking me questions. I had been collecting this information over a period of seven months when Mike Cyra, author of Emergency Laughter, gave me the inspiration to put it all together into a 'guide'. A lot of guides are out there, but I believe I'm one of the only ones that gives 1000 resources that you can start using right away no matter where you are on the eBook Publishing time line.

The third book is Amador Lockdown which you were gracious to give a review! I'm very proud of my five Ravens! This is a continuation of the two short stories you'll find in Playing with Fire with Hector and Marcos from the Paranormal Posse. I really do go ghost hunting with the El Paso Ghost Tours and that's what inspired me to write the stories.

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season and what does Christmas mean to you?

I love Christmas. I always have. I grew up with strong traditions that I've carried over to my own family like, the decorations go up the weekend after Thanksgiving and they don't come down until after my birthday in January. We always have a big family dinner. Kids get three presents to represent the three gifts the wise men gave. I love singing carols and listen to the holiday music all month. We have a lot Christmas collections, handmade decorations and ornaments. I had major surgery in the fall when I was forty and that Christmas I was so thankful that everything had turned out all right I went a little over board in my Christmas decorations (even my clothes) that my co-worker said, I looked like Christmas had thrown up all over me! hehe It had! Just the spirit of the season is wonderful.

What is your favorite holiday memory?

My first Christmas with my husband and then a couple of years later with my daughter after she was born. We still have special decorations from those years.

Do you still have any of the toys you got when you were a kid?

No. I've been on a cleaning spree. I have several things that are dear to me and have been passed down from my family, but I'm at the age where less is more. My hubby gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year. I'm spoiled. I got it early.

How do you celebrate the holidays?

We have a LOT of decorations. We painted a huge Christmas village over five years. We had to stop because we ran out of room. At one point we had a table that we'd drilled holes in and set up lights with a train track running around the village! Now we just spread them out all over. We have a Christmas stuffed toy collection. We have a large tree with hand-made and collectible ornaments. I cook tamales and a ton of different cookies. My daughter is getting older, but we'll probably still put out the milk and cookies for Santa and she still loves to decorate the sugar cookies. We've been collecting holiday movies and we watch those leading up to Christmas.

Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

I most certainly do!

A lot of people get that warm, fuzzy feeling around this time of year, are you one of those people?


Have you ever gone caroling or wanted to?

Yes!! I love singing Christmas songs. I love singing in the choir. My dad organized a big holiday Christmas party at his house one year and we drove around and picked the guests up by caroling in front of their houses. It was so much fun!

If you had a choice of the perfect weather for Christmas would it be cold and snowy, or warm and sunny?

I'm originally from Ohio so definitely cold and snowy!! Let it snow! Only Christmas, then it can go back to being warm and sunny.

Give us your links! Tell us where to find your books and more information about you!

First, thank you for this interview. It got me all ready for Christmas!!

I'm at alchemyofscrawl.wordpress.com for the book reviews, news, and resources.

All three books are available through Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Here are the book websites:

Playing with Fire
The DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing and eBook Publishing
Amador Lockdown

Read more:http://www.greatmindsthinkaloud.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=interviews&thread=904#ixzz1gSwSbVpF

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