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Hi Angela, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. The first question I want to ask you since I still have what would be considered a 'young' marriage, is how do you make it last for 28 years?

Patience, tolerance, never let things build up ("An ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure") so get everything out in the open, compromise, have at least one "real" date a month, find common interests to do together and respect each other's need for time alone also. Remember there was a reason you fell in love, don't lose sight of that and if you do, go back and find it. Don't just give up and walk away, that seems to be the trend over the past 20 years. Marriage is not easy but anything worth anything is never easy, you have to work for it.

Now we're giving away a few copies of you book "Chosen" can you tell us more about it?

I wrote an entire novel over the past 3 years and once it was completed, I began to get tons and tons of rejection letters stating the book was much too large for publication by a first time author. I received several suggestions to split the novel into a series. Chosen is the beginning of the series. I am fairly sure the series will be 3 books total. Chosen is about a teenage girl, Maddie. She is part vampire, human, elf and fairy. Her parents moved around every few years while Maddie was growing up. Their final move was to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas because her parents found more of their breeds in that area. Chosen is about Maddie's first year in Elmwood and the changes she undergoes as she advances into adulthood. Adulthood brings her many more magical powers, more danger and finally friends she can trust. Maddie has horrible visions during sleep, premonitions, but before she leaves her previous home, she dreamed of a different kind of vampire. Maddie's vision comes true when she meets William Weller. Maddie must learn to use her powers, learn to protect herself as her fairy blood draws all sorts of creatures to her, learn to manage an unfamiliar romance while learning more about each of her breeds. She has no idea how to control the powers she is gaining. Chosen is action packed with very few dull moments.

Tell us about some of your other work and when did you first start writing?

I've been writing most of my life but I have never attempted to publish any of my work. I’ve always written for sheer pleasure and stress relief. This series has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve enjoyed writing every single word.

If you had to choose one of your characters as your favorite who would it be and why?

Maddie would be my favorite simply because her life events are either shadowed from my life events, things I have dealt with or situations I can imagine myself in. She is me in a roundabout way.

Your genres range from Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and Young Adult. If you had to pick a favorite which would it be and why?

I would have to say I like Fantasy and Romance almost equally. They both take me out of the daily grind of the real world and place me in a world that is exciting, enjoyable, scary, and out of the ordinary. Fantasy is probably just above the Romance on my list. I can always see the outcome of a Romance Novel but fantasy, I am hooked to the end just enjoying the story and not knowing what the end result will be after the first chapter. I prefer to read any of the fantasy and romance in the young adult versions. Some of the adult books I've read are just a little too graphic for me so when I write, I try to keep the story on a PG level. I list Chosen in the Young Adult category but I also try very hard to keep graphics down so our younger readers can also enjoy the book.

What is your favorite genre to read when you have spare time?

Fantasy and Fantasy Romance. I also love to read anything on Arkansas History, any Genealogical Stories of my ancestry and on occasion, a good romantic western.

Do you have ideas for another great series in the near future?

I always have ideas and stories floating around in my head. I work full time running my own business so it's hard to find the time to write. I think once Christmas is over and all is put away, I will start working on the second book in the series. Most of it has already been written but by splitting it up into three books, I can add so much more exciting things! I keep a notebook in my office, which is at my home, and I write down any ideas that pop in my head during the day. All I need is a simple idea and my imagination will take over and create a whole nother world. (my southern slang kicking in)

Does your job as a registered nurse seem to inspire you in your writing and if so how?

I don't think so, the two are completely separate. I enjoy my nursing and have learned so much from my 28 years of working as a Registered Nurse but my writing is something I have enjoyed since childhood. It's like having two different identities; however, my medical background does flow in and out of my writings.

Who are some of your inspirations both today and past?

I’ve had so many inspirations throughout my lifetime. Every experience you have growing up inspires you in some way. Family is another great inspiration, especially the family that encourages you to go after your dreams and make every day count. So, my inspirations are my family, life experiences and friends.

Do you have any advice you'd like to offer aspiring authors?

Write as much and as often as you can. If you can’t get an agent or publisher to acknowledge your work, publish it yourself. The more you write, the better you will get. Practice makes perfect is so true for everything you may do in your life.

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