Sunday, January 22, 2012


Book Title:"The Chronicles of IDIOT"
Author:Erin Berry
Published By:Self Published
Age Recommended:18 +
Reviewed By:Kitty Bullard
Raven Rating:5


Review:By the cover you would not even begin to think that what you were going to read would be so funny! The Chronicles of IDIOT pokes fun at the government and other various big names over the years in such a way as to be candid, while being ironic. IDIOT is actually a name derived for a group of people specifically brought together to create strange phenomena and interesting sightings in the hopes of keeping the American people from getting bored with life.

It turns out that many of the people, such as actors and actresses that we though had expired had simply grown bored and taken on other identities. The El Chupacabra was a plant just to get people talking about the possibilities of a strange creature still around today and Hitler did not actually commit suicide but was murdered unwittingly by a weapon known as Excalibur laced with poison.

This book, basically a huge farce, was funny, exciting and interesting all at the same time. It will have you even questioning... what if? Very funny, very tongue in cheek, and something I think many would enjoy!

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