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As a volunteer reviewer for Great Minds I chose this book because it was set in Ireland, being Irish American I was curious to read about Irish culture and history. As first glance I was lost between the flashbacks of the characters as children in elementary school to talk about their lives as college students looking for a dream to escape poverty. Before continuing I Google the book and read the reviews on Amazon. Thus received insight in the plot of the story and went back looking at it with a different perspective. As I continued reading I realized that they were friends who decided to do something productive in hard times; since employment was spare and the economic climate was frightening. I found this paragraph which sums up part of the story.

Ours is a simple experiment. We're going to restore a farm, from scratch, from the roots up and we're going to live on it. We're going to live on it and we're going to live from it. That's the challenge. One year from our lives. It's a social experiment and it's an economic experiment. We're going to be an independent, functioning eco-community with everything we need provided for right there on the land. This is not about protest, and it's not about dropping out. And it's not about leaving the country. It's about finding a new way of life for the times we are in.

As the story unravels then the mystery and suspense comes alive. It is a historical story about friends surviving as farmers on a plot of land that was in the midst of a past feud; a broken promise and it is plague with mysterious acts of violence when they thought the former tenants left their pasture due to bankruptcy and the higher pasture was abandoned; yet in the darkness of the night the ghosts came and the friends who manned the co-op farm had to deal with harsh economic and threats of sabotage and as loyal friends will they survive the threats and possible financial collapse of their farm.

It has intense actions that will draw in the reader and compelled one to continue reading to see what the outcome is. A suggestion the final conclusion of this story should be the beginning introduction. Then the story would be definitely more entertaining; I enjoyed the insight to the lifestyle and symbolism of the young adults attitudes and how they were creative by taking chaos and arranging their lives to a new lifestyle to survive the harsh times in their environment Anything is possible with determination. ... 4 Ravens.

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