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Hi C.V., I have to admit, your site scares me. I'm still shaking a little, though I cannot help but be intrigued and want to read your novels! Tell us about your writing process and where you get your ideas?

Most of my writing is a huge collage of ideas. The roots of the stories usually come from conversations about the horror genre with friends. We have lighthearted debates about monsters and the standard rules that always seem to be associated with each one. I have a tendency to go against the flow, so when I come up with ideas for writing, I generally start by breaking all the traditional rules. I like to keep the basic concept of the monster, but take away the things that weaken or limit them.

Tell us about your most current novels.

My first book, Endlessly, and its sequel, Legacy, are available. It’s based on a paranormal world that is hidden from humans. There are witches, werewolves, vampires, angles, and demons that roam the earth undetected. There basic goal is to keep the world ignorant of their existence and to help a group of humans known as incarnates. An incarnate is a human born with an inhuman soul. Their soul could come from a different planet or a parallel universe. If these humans with displaced souls become self-aware that they are different, they are able to shape shift into that identity and harness any powers that are attached to their soul.

When did you decide to start writing and what was the inspiration behind it?

It was just a few years ago. I had a family member pass away unexpectedly, and it made me take an inventory of my life. I started looking at all the things on my bucket list, and writing a book was one of them.

There are so many out there that write paranormal today, do you ever find the competition daunting?

Oh, yes. Readers have an expectation when it comes to paranormal reads. Paranormal books seem to be more romance driven lately, and although my books do have that element, there is also the cruelty of horror in the story. Most readers are looking for just romance, or horror, and are conflicted in seeing both in one book. A reader might be compelled to pass over my books, and look for something that feels safe for them – and there is an abundance.

The ease of self-publishing has made it a fulfilling world for readers, and a struggle for authors to be heard. There are a lot of great authors finally getting a chance to tell their story now, and it’s turned into a sensory overload for readers and authors alike.

If you had to choose just one, what would be the one book that you’ve written that’s your all-time favorite?

I think my next release, Phantom, would have to be my favorite so far. Every one of my characters holds a small place in my heart, but Jason’s character holds just a fraction of an inch more than the rest. I really enjoyed telling the story from his point of view.

Did you read a lot of paranormal and horror when you were younger?

Yes. I fell in love with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches series when I was in high school. I can still remember counting down the days until the next book was released.

What would be your all-time favorite horror character, movie or book?

Hannibal Lecter, because I think the scariest monsters are the ones that could be real. He is equally terrifying in the books and movies.

Who are some of your inspirations as far as authors?

I think Chuck Palahniuk opened my eyes to what first person narrative can be, and David Wellington’s books pushed me to research thoroughly before I write.

What is next in line for you, and when can we expect it out?

The third book of the Endlessly series, Phantom, is in editing right now. I don’t have an exact date of its release yet, but I am pushing for the end of February 2012. I originally only planned for it to be a trilogy, but I have started writing a fourth book. (The date for "Phantom" has been updated to this month and should be out around the time this interview is posted, per email from C.V. Hunt.)

I’m working on a zombie story titled Danse Macabre now, and I’m hoping to have it available by Spring 2012. It won’t be the regular virus induced apocalypse that has become the norm for most zombie books. Danse Macabre will take the reader back to the origins of zombies – the magic of voodoo.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share with other aspiring authors?

The number one thing that I find myself repeating is, write what you know. If you have a passion for any certain subject, then this is where your story should stem from. I know horror and paranormal because I have submerged myself in it for a long time. If I tried to write a western I’m sure that I would fail. It’s not an area that I’m familiar with or have a real passion for. When you write about the things that you know and love, it shows.

C.V. Hunt

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